Monday, February 28, 2011

USCF recognizes GM Nakamura's ties to Memphis!

From the USCF!

GM Hikaru Nakamura could be seen wandering the streets of Memphis from February 16-22. What in the world was he doing in Memphis, you might ask? No, he didn’t get lost. He took a break from his role at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis to meet with friends, help promote chess and let people know about the super Mid-South Chess summer camp. This year’s camp at the Lausanne Collegiate School from June 5-10, 2011 will stand out among the nine others that they organized. The star-studded cast of instructors includes Grandmaster Alex Stripunsky, newly-elected Grandmaster Robert Hess, International Master Raja Panjwani, and Women’s International Master Alisa Melekhina. For more information, see

Nakamura has visited Memphis often as he loves spending time with friends. He could be seen relaxing and enjoying a few drinks on Beale Street (at places that he loves like Silky’s and BB King’s) and listening to jazz music or going to a show at the Orpheum.

For the entire interview click here!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Women in Chess history.

Women have been involved in the encouragement
and growth of Chess through the centuries.
I hope you find the following trivia interesting.

As only those who know or care for the game subscribe to chess books,the three hundred principal names on Philidor's edition of 1777, affords a significant proof of the extraordinary appreciation and support of the game,throughout the period of his ascendancy, viz.., from 1746 to 1795,

Twenty-six ladies of title grace that list,
which contains a large proportion of the nobility, cabinet ministers, men distinguished in science, and at the bar, and on the bench, and several eminent divines.

Prince Leopold's support of chess, and encouraging remarks concerning it at Oxford, in Scotland and at the Birkbeck, had much to do with the taste for the game which sprung up among the humbler working classes, and which happily has been continuously though steadily progressing.

One of our most genial and reliable chess editors has recently informed us, on very high authority, that even our Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, has at times shewn an appreciation of chess.

Three years after the commencement of her reign the first County Chess Association, was formed in Yorkshire. There were at this time but twelve chess clubs in this country The year 1849 signalised the first Chess tournament found on record, it took place at Simpson's and Mr H. T. Buckle writer and author, the best amateur at this time, came forth first. This was two years before the first world's International Chess Tournament of 1851, was held in London, of which the Prince consort was patron, since then thirty-four National tournaments and forty-eight country meetings, and twenty University matches between Oxford and Cambridge have taken place.

Quoted from:
by H. E. (Henry Edward) Bird.

GM Hikaru Nakamura - more pictures from Memphis

GM Hikaru Nakamura, visits Memphis.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cheaper membership cost to Greater Memphis Chess Center

♥ Money Saving Tips For You ♥

I was talking recently to someone from the MCC about the rates between the Memphis Chess Club membership dues and the Greater Memphis Chess Centers dues. I said that I would make a new post to make it a little clearer and more direct, so here goes.

For those parents that have one child playing chess and are under 20 years old, buy your membership through the MEMPHIS CHESS CLUB instead of through the GREATER MEMPHIS CHESS CENTER. Folks, it will save you money.

According to the MEMPHIS CHESS CLUB the dues for one, under 20 years old, is just $20.00, the same membership allows the member the advantage's of the MEMPHIS CHESS CLUB at the Greater Memphis Chess Center activities.

If you purchase your membership through the Greater Memphis Chess Center it may be suggested that you purchase a FAMILY membership instead of an individual membership.

Now, it seems that according to the person I recently talked to, that there is an unpublished (SECRET - I GUESS) additional fee of $10.00 for the Memphis Chess Club members to the Greater Memphis Chess Center. Even with the additional fee, that would still make the cost for the individual under 20 year old much less if purchased through the Memphis Chess Club instead of purchasing through the Greater Memphis Chess Center.


Be sure to check the membership cost through each club directly and make sure to ask if you are getting the most economical rate.

After all folks, they are operating in the same building, the TD for the rated events has been done by the Memphis Chess Club's TD, Gary Pylant, so far.

Therefore take advantage of the savings!

No reason for you to pay a higher rate for the same services just to help pay the rent.

Good luck with your chess adventures!

Everyone have a Chess Cupcake, wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Chess Champ Takes on City Hall | My Fox Memphis | Fox 13 News

Chess Champ Takes on City Hall | My Fox Memphis | Fox 13 News

GM Hikaru Nakamura enjoys Memphis!

GM Nakamura visiting Memphis, has made great contacts for promoting world class chess play here in Memphis. More news to follow on that, be sure and check out local TV coverage Saturday morning, February 19, 2011.

Here are just a few pictures from some of his visit to the Memphis area.

Congratulations to GM Nakamura!

More great things to come.

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 USCF All-America Team member Robert Hess coming to Menphis

Imagine the opportunity to study chess with
one of the team members of the
2011 USCF All-America Team!
HERE is YOUR chance!

GM Robert Hess will be in Memphis for the

2011 Mid-South Chess Camp, June 5 - 10.

The USCF All-America Team is a prestigious award that started in 1988 and is given to the top players in the United States. This is a great achievement for these talented young chess players, one that can only be attained through hard work and a fierce dedication to chess.

2011 USCF All-America Team

Friday, February 11, 2011

8th in the WORLD Chess Grandmaster coming to Memphis!

Will YOU be there?

SUNDAY, February 20, 2011
University Center at the University of Memphis
Memphis, TN

with Special Guest

International Grandmaster
Hikaru Nakamura!

Come out and meet GM Nakamura . . .

Currently rated 8th in the World!

12 noon - 2 p.m.

Autograph Session
(bring your chess boards, books, or

whatever you would like for him to sign) and

Photograph Session
Bring your camera and have your picture taken with GM Nakamura!



5SS, G/15 Quick Chess "Open"Tournament
(USCF quick chess rated)
4SS, G/30 Scholastic Tournament
(Rated & Unrated Sections Available)

SUNDAY, February 20, 2011


(USCF Quick Chess Rated)

5SS, G/15


60% of Entry Fees returned as prizes.

$15 if received by midnight Thursday, Feb. 17th; $20 thereafter and at site.

First round at 2:15 p.m.
Rounds 2 - 5 will be played as soon as possible

BYES (1/2-point)
Available for any round. Limit one bye per player. Must commit before Round 2.

(Major credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express)

ON-LINE - starting Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011

You may register with a credit card on-line at -- click on the Feb. 20th February Finals OPEN G/15 Tournament, then on Secure On-line Entry for the Quick Chess Tournament.


You may register with a credit card by phone
(901) 276-4663.


If you wish to mail in your entry with a check (or with your credit card information), please be sure to include player's name, full address, phone, email, contact number, USCF I.D. number and section, and mail to

Shelby County Chess
1614 Vance Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104

You may register on-site between 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. the day of the tournament (Sunday, Feb. 20). The first round will start at 2:15 p.m.

(Rated & Unrated Sections Available)

4SS, G/30

Two USCF-rated Sections (USCF membership required):


Non-rated Section:

K-12 Reserve*

*NOTE: Reserve section is not rated; therefore, USCF membership is not required.

Each section must have at least 5 players or section will be combined. NO ELIMINATION . . . everyone will play all four rounds!


On-site registration will be held on Sunday (Feb. 20) from 12:30 noon - 1:15 p.m. First round will begin at promptly at 1:30 p.m.


Trophies awarded to the top 3 overall in each section.
Ribbons to all.

BYES (1/2-point)

Available for any Round. Limit one bye per player (must commit before Round 2).


USCF-recommended computer tiebreaks will decide trophy placements for all
winners in scholastic sections.

Entry fee is $15 per player if received by midnight, Thursday, February 17th; $20 per player thereafter and at site.

(Major credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express)

ON-LINE - starting Tuesday, Feb 15, 2011

You may register with a credit card on-line at -- click on the Feb. 20th February Finals OPEN G/15 Tournament, then on Secure On-line Entry for the Scholastic Tournament.

You may register with a credit card by phone (901) 276-4663.

If you wish to mail in your entry with a check (or with your credit card information), please be sure to include player's name, full address, phone, email, contact number and USCF I.D. number (if playing in a rated section) and section, and mail to

Shelby County Chess
1614 Vance Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104


Please bring boards, sets & clocks, if possible--none will be provided - Lunch and snacks will also be available for purchase on site.
Tournament rules (i.e., touch-move rule) will be enforced for all sections.


For additional information, please call (901) 276-4663 or

The University of Memphis Chess Club

has been officially opened and in progress!!

We will meet again this Friday the 11th!

• Please come support the club and help it grow.

• It meets on Friday nights from 7 to 11 pm
• Shelby Room in the University Center(UC 342)

at the University of Memphis.

Please come by for some fun games of chess and bring friends!!

Community members are also welcome!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

This week we are planning to have free play and

possibly a tournament if requested so please join us!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Woe Is Me – what do YOU consider fair?

♥ Money Saving Tips For You ♥

My Valentine’s Money Saving Tips For You, just in time for the February 12th, Valentine’s Tournament at the Greater Memphis Chess Center.

Do you consider it fair to expect families, like yours, to pay a family membership of $75.00 to the “Greater Memphis Chess Center (GMCC)”, while operating under the same roof with the same discounts on tournament entry fees as the family memberships to the “Memphis Chess Club (MCC)”, yet “The Memphis Chess Club’s” family membership is only $50.00?

For the same discounts you will pay more if you join directly to the “Greater Memphis Chess Center”, than if you join directly to “The Memphis Chess Club".

Also, why are families with ONE child (under 19) playing chess, advised to (code for INSTRUCTED TO), buy a family membership for $75.00 (GMCC rate) or $50.00 (MCC rate), while they could have purchased an individual membership for $50.00 (GMCC rate) or just $20.00 (MCC rate).

Folks let’s be honest here, why would you pay for one child (under 19) to play chess for a $75.00 (GMCC family) fee vs. a $20.00 (MCC individual) fee? Do you just have $55.00 to throw away?

And, what kind of coach would expect that from parents of the children that they “coach”, (and I use the word “coach” loosely in this scenario) through the Memphis City Schools.

Let me ask you this: When you were told about the membership dues to the “Greater Memphis Chess Center (GMCC)”, were you also informed that you could have joined one child under 19 for just $20.00 with The Memphis Chess Club (MCC)?

If your answer is no, then you should be wondering about why not, and whether this is the right coach for your child.

One more thought: where does that leave the Memphis Scholastic chess players? Which dues are you paying and do you get discounts on tournament entry fees as do the MCC and GMCC players?


The Open section is played with a time control of G/60, with four rounds; entry is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.

There will be a U1200 section with five rounds of G/45; entry is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.



Club Dues
Club dues are $30, $20 (under 19) per year. Family memberships are $50 per year. Members enjoy reduced entry fees into all weekly club events and discounts on club weekend tournament

Adult Annual Club Dues: $30

Youth Annual Club Dues: $20 under 20 years old

Family Annual Club Dues: $50

4SS, G/60 (4 round Swiss, game in 60 minutes), EF: $4 for MCC members, $8 for all others. Registration: 02/11: 6:30-7:15pm. Rounds: 7:30pm and 9:30pm each Friday. Site: Greater Memphis Chess Center, 5796 Shelby Oaks Drive Suite 11, Memphis, TN 38134.

Open 4SS G/60.
EF Pre- registration $20 ($15 for MCC and GMCC members)Onsite $25 for all

U1200 5SS G/45
EF Pre-registration $15 ($10 for MCC and GMCC members)onsite $15 for all


The investigative insider report of possibilities and scenarios.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Woe is me - Bad news in chess express.

Welcome and hello to all,

Just a heads up here. There is so much going on at this end of the state in chess news. It's a wonder we aren't all just rattling and rolling. Can someone say earthquake, thunder and lightning happenings. Be sure to keep checking back for the latest in the "Woe Is Me" chess news column. There will be coverage of the good and bad in local chess news. Some say (and you know who you are) "the dark side" of chess. Yes, I will continue to cover the dark side also.

1) Much news to come

2) Earth shattering announcements to come (research happening as I type - spies in place, report on new carpeting, $75.00 was more than worth it).

3) Many events planned to come - some far out reaching the area.

4) More chess super stars to visit the area.

5) If you need chess coaching, I have plenty of ideas and contacts for you, all ages and levels.

Don't miss the latest breaking updates. For specifics feel free to leave questions in the comments or just send in an email.