Sunday, December 19, 2010

Memphis Chess Club - Woe is me!

It has recently come to my attention that the "Memphis Chess Club" which formerly met at the University of Memphis, has been asked to move to another location due to something about not having club insurance and such. Certain members of the club are running rampant with their allegations as to why this has occured now after they admittedly have been meeting at the Fedex Technology building for a very long time out of compliance with the U of Memphis regulations. Another allegation recently flung about, was how former people from "years ago" with the club were causing the recent events to happen.

1) If they have known that they were out of compliance, then you are guilty of your own misconduct.

2) If former people from "years ago" are accused of being involved, then why wouldn't they have taken action "years ago"?

It is obvious that certain club members feel that they can sling about any such made up stories or allegations and everyone on the planet is suppose to believe it with no further proof or investigation. Well, as usual, let the big mouth(s), know nothing(s) - think they know it all, continue to show just how truly ignorant that they may be, a continued example of how they roll as in "years ago"!

My final advice, is to suck it up, man up, admit the truth - you were out of compliance, you were wrong, stop trying to blame others, and just move on!

Boo hoo hoo hoo!
Best to you,
Very truly yours!