Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Woe is me - Bad news in chess express.

Welcome and hello to all,

Just a heads up here. There is so much going on at this end of the state in chess news. It's a wonder we aren't all just rattling and rolling. Can someone say earthquake, thunder and lightning happenings. Be sure to keep checking back for the latest in the "Woe Is Me" chess news column. There will be coverage of the good and bad in local chess news. Some say (and you know who you are) "the dark side" of chess. Yes, I will continue to cover the dark side also.

1) Much news to come

2) Earth shattering announcements to come (research happening as I type - spies in place, report on new carpeting, $75.00 was more than worth it).

3) Many events planned to come - some far out reaching the area.

4) More chess super stars to visit the area.

5) If you need chess coaching, I have plenty of ideas and contacts for you, all ages and levels.

Don't miss the latest breaking updates. For specifics feel free to leave questions in the comments or just send in an email.

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