Friday, February 25, 2011

Cheaper membership cost to Greater Memphis Chess Center

♥ Money Saving Tips For You ♥

I was talking recently to someone from the MCC about the rates between the Memphis Chess Club membership dues and the Greater Memphis Chess Centers dues. I said that I would make a new post to make it a little clearer and more direct, so here goes.

For those parents that have one child playing chess and are under 20 years old, buy your membership through the MEMPHIS CHESS CLUB instead of through the GREATER MEMPHIS CHESS CENTER. Folks, it will save you money.

According to the MEMPHIS CHESS CLUB the dues for one, under 20 years old, is just $20.00, the same membership allows the member the advantage's of the MEMPHIS CHESS CLUB at the Greater Memphis Chess Center activities.

If you purchase your membership through the Greater Memphis Chess Center it may be suggested that you purchase a FAMILY membership instead of an individual membership.

Now, it seems that according to the person I recently talked to, that there is an unpublished (SECRET - I GUESS) additional fee of $10.00 for the Memphis Chess Club members to the Greater Memphis Chess Center. Even with the additional fee, that would still make the cost for the individual under 20 year old much less if purchased through the Memphis Chess Club instead of purchasing through the Greater Memphis Chess Center.


Be sure to check the membership cost through each club directly and make sure to ask if you are getting the most economical rate.

After all folks, they are operating in the same building, the TD for the rated events has been done by the Memphis Chess Club's TD, Gary Pylant, so far.

Therefore take advantage of the savings!

No reason for you to pay a higher rate for the same services just to help pay the rent.

Good luck with your chess adventures!

Everyone have a Chess Cupcake, wonderful weekend!


chessjustice said...

Oh my!! Oh my! I was in Cookeville yesterday at the State Finals and was horrified by the tactics of the Greater Memphis Chess Center. I am guessing it was by them because it seemed they were all in cahoots. There was a man and woman (I am guessing husband and wife) who were trying to intimidate the opponents. Every time I got close to the game to watch, the woman gave me dirty looks. I told her I had a right to watch and she said no you do not. Then I told her I will ask the tournament director and the man jumped in and said, "You do and that is the last thing you ever do!" Is that the kind of tactics that are used at the Greater Memphis Chess Center?

Susie K. said...

I also have been horrified by the tactics of the Greater Memphis Chess Center. My entire family tried to become members of the Chess Center as we are huge supporters of chess in Memphis and were turned down. No reason, no interview, no nothing. These people are not open to letting what they consider outsiders into their chess community. If it wasn't for another chess organization which promotes the game on both an international and a national level ... it would be a total joke here. We need to encourage chess exposure for all in Memphis and especially the youth.