Thursday, April 7, 2011

Woe is me, what a shame! Response to comment by M S.

Once again an explanation is required. I have been receiving comments, some good, some bad, and some ugly. There are currently 27 comments (not approved) in the holding queue, and I have deleted 4 others that will never be posted. Of course blogging is unique in its own methods. As you know anyone may post using their own true identity, a false made up one, or whatever one chooses.

This front page post was necessary to address this particular posted comment because this latest poster apparently didn't understand or read the opening notice of blogging etiquette on the previous front page post "Anonymous - It's your day, APRIL FOOL" dated April 1, 2011, explaining not to use real names of others. Therefore this name shall be removed. Secondly they signed the post with what seems to be a real person's name. Having no way to verify this person as the real poster, since no email contact nor other form of contact information is on the profile page that is linked to this user name. I will address this new post as I did the other one on the front page item by item in it's entirety with names removed, until which time the poster may contact me through email, with verifiable contact information of their own.

Be advised this is not for the squeamish or faint of heart! Here goes, fasten your seat belts people.

This is a post that was directed as response to the "Anonymous - It's your day, APRIL FOOL" dated April 1, 2011.

By poster M S: Wow. Pretty juvenile, on this blog. Surely chess players have better things to do with their time than run a blog and make posts like this!

Blog Admin response: Wow, if it is so "Pretty juvenile" then what might I ask are you doing here, spending your time reading it, and posting here? Kind of making one of those "post like this" of your own? My guess is that you are trying to feel like a big shot to the boys at a certain club, rather than having a real interest in promoting better chess for the area and or helping to mend any fences. The owner of this blog feels a responsibility to promoting the best chess available in the West Tennessee area based on truth, which seems to be a major irritant to the "old boys club" mentality that is rampant here in Shelby County.

By poster M S: My son and I have played in tournaments in just about every club in the area, and we have found the distribution of nice and mean players about the same wherever we go.

Blog Admin response: That's wonderful, sounds like a logical statement, but a lopsided one at best, or either you have blinders on and really aren't paying any attention to the differences in chess play, teaching of chess methods or preferences to wholesome environments for underage chess players.

By poster M S: What we have noticed is that Shelby County consistently hosts tournaments that are poorly organized, ineptly run, and more expensive than either Memphis Chess Club or Memphis Scholastic Chess events.

Blog Admin response: This seems like a ridiculous and completely bogus assessment since you later in your comment, lament the entire area and prefer to travel all the way to Murfreesboro for your chess play. However, cost may vary, poorly organized, ineptly run can happen in reality to any event here or across the nation. In your wording of Shelby County which is all encompassing, I would agree that there are events no matter which group is organizing, or running them, that may seem so. It is the nature of dealing with public events. None of them will be perfect all the time.

By poster M S: We have found that, for whatever reason, XXXX REAL NAME REMOVED XXXX tournaments tend to start 30-45 minutes after the posted start time and run late.

Blog Admin response: It seems to be on record, that at the most recent event that you and your son played in the open section with this person as TD, your open section started on time. However, the delays in the scholastic section were well known to be caused by many first time scholastic players, whom didn't even know what a wall chart was, where to find it, how to look at it, and many were getting their USCF memberships for the very first time. Surely you can understand the nature of dealing with many novice players. I am wondering what you were doing to try and help, or were you plastered against a wall somewhere with your arms folded watching your watch. Surely you could have found a way to help others that were new and help move the event along. Surely as seasoned players both you and your son could have extended your services, on these occasions, unless it is more gratifying to you to watch and complain.

By poster M S: We have witnessed incidents during Shelby County events that make me wary of taking my girls to them, as the tournaments director(s) display an extraordinary disregard for the need to provide a safe playing environment for the kids.

Blog Admin response: This seems a bit of a stretch also, as the events throughout Shelby County are usually all held in places where most of the clubs all have held events. The JCC, University of Memphis, Schools all have had the major players at them. So, for you to say "witnessed incidents" and "safe playing environment for kids" would here again apply to most if not all organizers in the area since they all have used the same locations for the most part. I also have some concern of my own as you mention "my girls". Do you think it is alright at any event local or not to leave small girls or boys for that matter unattended as a parent? Is it more important to you, to make sure you are playing in the open section rather than being fully attentive to your girls at any chess event regardless of promoter, location, organizer or what have you? Because if that is the case and if you believe that the organizer, promoter or TD is the sole responsibility for your children while at a knowingly public event, you leave yourself fully open to the doubt of your own parenting skills, period.

By poster M S: And as one who isn't likely to win a cash prize in a tournament, $40 is a pretty steep entry fee for the upcoming June tournament. My son and I will likely travel to Murfreesboro the previous weekend to attend their event, as they consistently provide a great tournament experience (certainly better than anything in Memphis!)

Blog Admin response: You declare a USCF sanctioned and approved event, the U.S. Amateur South, brought to the Memphis area as "pretty steep entry fee", while willing to travel to Murfreesboro the previous weekend instead. I am thrilled that you are so pleased with Murfreesboro chess events, I really am. I hope you really really like traveling there and continue to for all of your future chess play. According to Mapquest it is 3 hours and 51 minutes one way, 244.74 miles one way. If you double that for round trip, (I am sure you plan to come back), for a whopping 489.48 miles round trip.

Now lets break this down. The tournament in Murfreesboro with the Rutherford County Chess Club, list and entry free of $25.00 for early entry or $30 at the door. Which are just a $15.00 difference for early entry and only a whopping $10.00 difference at the door.

Now current gas prices in the area are mildly around $3.50 per gallon, unless you plan to go by motorcycle, horse and buggy, or walk you definitely will make up the $15.00 or $10.00 difference in entry fee cost in just gasoline cost for your round trip mileage of 489.48 miles. So, that brings us to what's this really all about?

By poster M S: It's a shame that the chess organizations in Memphis can't get along better.

Blog Admin response: Have to agree on the "it's a shame"! Yet I have to ask, do you think you have a role to play in this "get along better" wishful thinking of yours? Or, is your way to blow hearty and run the other way, and to never seek truthfulness in dialogue?

By poster M S: Until they do, my son and I will continue to attend cheap, well-run, well-organized tournaments where we find them, regardless of whose banner they fly under.

Blog Admin response: I might ask where are your girls playing or was your concern about them a smoke screen for your other ramblings? Your entire post now is looking rather askew as it seems not to be reality based.

By poster M S: Memphis Chess and MSC currently provide the best tournament experience in the Memphis area by far.

Blog Admin response: Yet to find everything to your likening you travel round trip 489.48 miles, spend 7 hours and 42 minutes time and find it in Murfreesboro? A bit of a contradiction there friend! Oh and by the way while looking for "cheap" play, did you realize that it is cheaper to get your family membership through the Memphis Chess Club rather than purchase it directly through the Greater Memphis Chess Center? Did any of them explain that to you? Also, there are some clubs that are free, and don't charge a yearly membership, or even club dues here in Memphis.

By poster M S: I don't have any expectation of seeing this post in its entirety, but hopefully the reader will consider this post and work to provide a better tournament experience. This will serve the players better and help to advance our great game.

Blog Admin response: Another mistake, same as Anonymous. Yes it is posted in it's entirety with names shielded. However, let me make this perfectly clear for you and all your buddies, I do not provide tournaments, at this time. Period.

Please, get your facts correct and just don't assume the "guys" are telling you the truth in any way, fashion, or form, they have way too much to hide from public view.

While most everyone may declare that "wouldn't it be nice if everything and everyone in the Memphis, West Tennessee area would get along for better chess", there are few whom really mean it and or have actively extended any opportunity to make it so. Apparently, that includes you.

SIGNED: Mike Salzgeber
Contact confirmed.


Alan Kantor said...

M.S.: And as one who isn't likely to win a cash prize in a tournament, $40 is a pretty steep entry fee for the upcoming June tournament.

A.K.: The entry fee for the U.S. Amateur South is the cheapest entry fee of all the U.S. Amateurs (East and West). $40 is NOT a bad price for a national event. Instead of knocking these tournaments, why not think what goes into running these tournaments?

M.S.: It's a shame that the chess organizations in Memphis can't get along better.

A.K.: I have attempted to work with two "groups" to resolve the differences and bring about a healthy situation in Memphis. One side responded but another side (B.V.) NEVER responded. What does that tell you?

Dave said...

Hey do you know of any chess tutors for hire in memphis?


@Dave,sure do,send me a private email for more information.

Chess Machine said...

M.S. Did it occur to you that the US Amateur South is a two day event not a one day event like the one in Murfreesboro? Been to Murfreesboro and its a nice tournament but get real: this is a USCF National Tournament and yeah, do the math!