Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 U.S. Amateur South

VENUE: University of Memphis,

University Center,

499 University Street,

Memphis, TN 38152;


SECTIONS: Championship (U2200) & Reserve (U1600).

SCHEDULE: 5/22, G/90. Reg.:6/4, 9:00-9:45AM. Rds.:6/4, 10-2-6; 6/5, 9-12:30.

EF: $40 ($ 10 less to Juniors under age 18 or Seniors over 60), $50 for all on-site.

Prizes:$650 cash prizes based on 60 entries + $450 of non-cash prizes.

Championship Section (U2200) 1st-River Cup trophy + $200, 2nd-plaque +$100, 3rd-plaque+$50; U2000 1st-digital clock

Reserve Section (U1600) 1st-large plaque+$150, 2nd-plaque+$100, 3rd-plaque+$50; U1400 1st-digital clock

MISC: One requested half-point bye allowed, any round, must request before the start of Round 3. Games broadcast online via MonRoi where able.

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For event questions, contact the Tournament Director at:

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2011 U.S. Amateur South

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