Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chess news for today.

Have you ever met higher rated chess players?

It may seem like they are only interested in the game and less interested in a conversation. However, maybe they just have more going on inside their minds. It seems studies are showing more brain usage by Chess Grandmasters. Proof for schools and parents in seeking the most professional training/coaching for their children.
More reason to appreciate and be thankful for Mid-South Chess Camps ability to bring to Memphis active Chess Grandmasters . Giving you and your children the opportunity to work with the best.
Did you realize that they have had the following Grand Masters to their camp here in Memphis, now in it's tenth year:

GM Alex Stripunsky ( 2681)
GM Susan Polgar (2598)
GM Hikaru Nakamura (2822)
GM Igor Novikov (2632)
GM Ildar Ibragimov (2591)
GM Zviad Izoria (2635)
GM Alexander Onischuk (2764)
GM Alex Yermolinsky (2571)
GM Josh Friedel (2580)
GM Leonid Yudasin (2609)
WGM Jennifer Shahade (2301)
WGM Martica Fierro (2342)

Expert chess players use twice the brain: Study

A new study has revealed that expert chess players engage both
sides of their brains when plotting their next move.

To evaluate the brain activity in players of differing ability, Merim Bilalic at the University of Tubingen in Germany studied the brains of eight international chess players and eight amateurs.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, he found that highly skilled chess players brought both sides of their brains into play — a kind of ‘parallel processing’, reports New Scientist.

Memphis, the recognition and the

thank yous are long overdue!

I have been contacted by someone about my misuse of English grammar. Whoopee, I didn't do a spell check! To clarify for all.

As you stated you may have, and I quote, "stayed in a Holiday Inn last night" but as usual the whole contexts of the above post was lost on you. If, you come away with the significance of the above information and boil it down to my misuse of some grammar.

Let us see here, exactly how many active playing chess Grandmasters or even International Masters has the greatly over stated Memphis Chess Club brought to Memphis in the past 10 years, not to mention the almost 100 years you state as your length of existence? Or, any other chess faction in the entire Memphis area, for that matter?


Update 2: Bwah ha ha ha ha ha

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