Friday, January 11, 2013

Wanted to give a "BIG" welcome to
"Shelby County Chess"
who will now be posting local chess happenings for you all to enjoy. 

Shelby County Chess continues to bring the best in Chess Masters to the Memphis area and offers the most outstanding Chess Programs in both public and private Memphis area schools. Hands down!

I hope you will enjoy their addition and news. I have found old passions of the past, that have taken my attention to this blog in a different direction.  However, never doubt, I am still around, still watching, and will raise my head now and then whenever deemed necessary.

In the mean time, I know that the author for "Shelby County Chess", will be most dedicated to submitting meaningful post to the better advancement of Chess in the Memphis area.

Home is where I'll be.

"HOME" by Daughtry

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