Monday, August 1, 2011

Local Chess Player Graham Horobetz


Playing at the Denker Tournament of H.S. Champions In Florida

Updated: August 2, 2011: Now listed 43th out of 50. Has 1.5 out of 6 rounds.
1st round: a win over Warren, Hannah AK 1519
2nd round: a draw with NM Shao, Bob S TX 2255
3rd round: a loss to NM Thompson, Nick AZ 2242
4th round: a loss to Hamilton, Alex KY 1960
5th round: a loss to Wolf, Alexander AR 1754
6th round: a loss to Xu, Keji ME 1616

Horobetz, Graham 2125

A 4th round loss to Alex Hamilton of KY. I remember meeting Alex as a very young player years ago. He was dedicated, and a well rounded player. The game is below for review.

Information and rules on the Denker Tournament click here.

UPDATE August 2, 2011 6:00pm Central Time.

FOR THE RECORD: I have been receiving harassing post from those at a certain local chess club that as usual assume that my intention of this post was to draw negativity to one of their favorite players.

It was not. If you will notice the post on August 1 was put up when Graham had a 1.5 going into the 4th round on August 1st.

I truly wanted to report about this event as I could not remember a representative to the Denker Tournament from the West end of TN. I thought it an honor for Graham.

However, I could not predict the outcome of this tournament, anymore than anyone else. So, for those who want to send in hate filled post I would say look in the mirror. I for one recognize that NO ONE can have a perfect tournament all the time. There are many things that may affect the outcome, travel, not feeling well, etc. I was not judging his play, have made no disparaging remarks about Graham or his results.

I believe the honor is his for receiving the opportunity to play in an exclusive tournament and I do not judge his result as some apparently do, seemingly embarrassed by his representation of their club and the entire state of TN in this tournament as being shown by their lashing out.

In closing, I would encourage those who have sent in unpublished comments (which will remain so) to look in their own mirrors.

I believe Graham deserves more credit than his fellow club members are allowing him, and all the while considering themselves his "friend".

Below is the tournament game schedule:

Playing Schedule
The Opening Ceremony and 6-round Swiss will consist of the following dates and times:
■Opening Ceremony-4 PM Saturday, July 30, 2011 (REQUIRED ATTENDANCE AND CHECK-IN). All participants are required to attend for awarding of Medallions, introduction of dignitaries and photo session.
■Round 1-Saturday, July 30, 2011. Same time as evening round of the US Open.
■Round 2-Sunday, July 31, 2011-12:30 PM, Round 3-Same starting time as evening round of the US Open.
Round 4-Monday, August 1, 2011- 12:30 PM. Round 5-Same starting time as evening round of the US Open.
■Round 6-Tuesday, August 2, 2011- 11 AM, Denker Awards Ceremony-4 PM.

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