Sunday, June 5, 2011

US Amateur South 2011 - UPSETS!

US Amateur South 2011: CHAMPIONSHIP
Upsets are always big parts of Amateur tournaments (part of the theme this year, "Every Pawn has the Right to Dream"), and those typically are noted for any that are greater than 300 ratings point difference. Already, we've had a whopping 8-the largest being just under 700 points!

Individual Upsets. US Amateur South 2011: CHAMPIONSHIP

Samuel T Brownlow1612501.0Bronik Matwijkiw2113
Max Asher Friedman1616363.0Chase Knowles1979
Dirk J Boswinkel1630361.0Edgar Davison1991
Kevin T Knight1771342.0Bronik Matwijkiw2113
Kevin T Knight1771324.0Graham Horobetz2095

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Individual Upsets. US Amateur South 2011: RESERVE

Avery B Polk545642.0Jason Dominguez1187
James R Culhane1001573.0Don Webster1574
Jifeng Han1223351.0Don Webster1574

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#NameRtngRD 1RD 2RD 3Total
1Bryan Tillis2117W23W17W33.0
2Kevin Knight1771W24W16W43.0
3Carlos Sims1989W18W9L12.0
4Graham Horobetz2095W21W12L22.0
5George Woodbury1895W10D6D72.0
6Mariano Sana2175W13D5D82.0
7Kenneth G Turner1998W15D8D52.0
8Max Asher Friedman1616W22D7D62.0
9Anish Sahasrabudhe1608W14L3W192.0
10Samuel T Brownlow1612L5W23W162.0
11Mark S Schuyler1706L16W24W172.0
12Dirk J Boswinkel1630W25L4D131.5
13Michael Robertson1765L6W18D121.5
14Dex Webster1827L9D15W211.5
15Joseph C Stafford1634L7D14W231.5
16Bronik Matwijkiw2113W11L2L101.0
17Johnny B Carrido1776W20L1L111.0
18John Maddox III1620L3L13W241.0
19Rafi Chowdhury1750HD22L91.0
20Casey Hill1533L17D21H1.0
21Kenn E Thompson1671L4D20L140.5
22Chase Knowles1979L8D19U0.5
23Dwight K Weaver1717L1L10l150.0
24Jing Dai1059L2L11L180.0
25Edgar Davison1991L12UU0.0

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