Sunday, December 19, 2010

Memphis Chess Club - Woe is me!

It has recently come to my attention that the "Memphis Chess Club" which formerly met at the University of Memphis, has been asked to move to another location due to something about not having club insurance and such. Certain members of the club are running rampant with their allegations as to why this has occured now after they admittedly have been meeting at the Fedex Technology building for a very long time out of compliance with the U of Memphis regulations. Another allegation recently flung about, was how former people from "years ago" with the club were causing the recent events to happen.

1) If they have known that they were out of compliance, then you are guilty of your own misconduct.

2) If former people from "years ago" are accused of being involved, then why wouldn't they have taken action "years ago"?

It is obvious that certain club members feel that they can sling about any such made up stories or allegations and everyone on the planet is suppose to believe it with no further proof or investigation. Well, as usual, let the big mouth(s), know nothing(s) - think they know it all, continue to show just how truly ignorant that they may be, a continued example of how they roll as in "years ago"!

My final advice, is to suck it up, man up, admit the truth - you were out of compliance, you were wrong, stop trying to blame others, and just move on!

Boo hoo hoo hoo!
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MCC said...

Memphis Candidates 2011
January 8- 9, 2011

5SS, G/120, EF $10 (MCC membership required: $30 Adults, $20 under 19, $50 Family)

Site: Hampton Inn, 962 South Shady Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 38120.

Rounds 9-2-7, 9-2. Only zero-point byes are available for this event.

Registration, 1/8 7:30-8:30am.

Top 6 meet Graham Horobetz and Nathan Vogt on Jan. 15-16 and Jan 22-23 at IBEW, 1870 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104. Qualifiers must commit to play at the IBEW. All who do not qualify for the City Championship will get free entry into Memphis Reserve 2011.

Memphis Reserve 2011

January 15-16, 22-23, 2011

G/120, 7SS,Rounds: Saturday 01/15: 10am-3pm, Sunday 01/16 9am, 2pm, Saturday 01/22 10am-3pm, Sunday 01/23 9am. Prizes: Trophies to top 3. Other chess goodies will be awarded to all participants!

Site: IBEW, 1870 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104.

Open to all USCF players! Club dues are not required. Someone may have a chance to play in the City Championship if someone withdraws.

Entry Fee is $10, (free if you play in Memphis Candidates 2011). Registration 01/15 8-9:30am. Half-point byes are available for all rounds.

Memphis City Championship 2011

January 15-16, 22-23, 2011

The top 6 players from Candidates 2011 meet Graham Horobetz and Nathan Vogt. G/120,TD5, 8 person round robin.

Rounds: Saturday 01/15: 10am, Sunday 01/16: 9am, 2pm, Saturday 01/22: 10am-3pm, Sunday 01/23: 9am, 2pm.

If any player withdraws from this event, the top ranking player in the Reserve will automatically play any remaining games. If there are a lot of withdrawing players, then the tournament will assume the Luton style for pairings, which means the pairing program will always pair 1-2, 3-4 etc. It will be possible to play the same player more than once.

Site: IBEW, 1870 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104.

Note: the format for this event has changed. There will only be one round on Saturday 1/15 at 10am. Also the pairings, see the web site:

MCC said...

A tidbit of Memphis Chess Club History:

Inside of Memphis Chess Club's "Mid South Advocate," Vol. 1, No.6 October 1975, ( an article was written by Oran Quintrell and Dan Mayes in their Memphis En Passant column about Rosa. "Rosa Jefferson announced with "pride and pleasure" the opening of the Memphis Chess Club, located on the second floor of the Exchange Building, in her first column concerning the Memphis Chess Club in the Commercial Appeal on January 1, 1904.

But it was a sad opening as far as she was concerned because she criticized the "home players" as having "manifested little interest. . . in match contest in outer chess circles." As a result of this she believed that Memphis Chess Club players, who were excellent chess thinkers and "downright" good at scientific chess, remained obscure on the national level instead of winning distinction for their play.

Rosa Jefferson, who was considered women's world champion caliber at this time, had defeated Pillsbury and fought with Dr. Lasker to a three hour draw (in a game which he refused to reopen the next day). "When I played Dr. Lasker," she said, "there were 15 or 20 peopled standing around waiting to see the lamb--which was me--led to the slaughter. Naturally I was a little excited, you know, he is considered to be a master of the deepest method of playing. But Dr. Lasker's hands shook so toward the last of the game that the pawns rattled."

"I suppose it was a bit unsettling to be baffled by a mere woman before so many people," laughed the fair champion. "Perhaps he accepted the challenge--and by the by how many friends did laugh at me for throwing down the glove to the great man--just to take me down for my audacity and put me in the corner. But what he may have considered a 'pink tea' performance turned out to be, for him, three hours of strenuous life."

Rosa Jefferson also defeated Pillsbury in what became a six hour battle of wits. "It was a veritable Trojan war," she later recalled.

While writing her chess column for the Commercial Appeal she would publish chess problems submitted to her by interested readers."

More on Rosa:

dk2 said...

Hello MCC:

How very interesting!

Suprise, you have come for a visit and on a newly created Blogger ID.

MCC said...

Here is the Game of the Day!? Thanks to for the game viewer. See more games from recent events. The following game is from North American Open on December 28, 2010. See games

for the Game of the Day!

Van Wely vs Kleiman

Hikaru Nakamura said...

The game between Jake Kleiman and Loek van Wely is very good. It is fabulous to see someone coming from Memphis who is an IM and hopefully will become a GM shortly!

Hikaru Nakamura

dk2 said...

Hi Hikaru
Thanks for your remarks. Jake is a great example of achievement for all local Memphis chess players. This game seems to be quite talked about here in the area.

If you have any articles, information, or game analysis that you would like to contribute, please feel free to email me directly. Look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Memphis. DK